Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stanley Cup playoff predictions

Western Conference

Canucks d. Kings in five.
Blues d. Sharks in seven. [I've picked the blues to win it all]
Blackhawks d. Coyotes in five.
Predators d. Wings in six.

Eastern Conference

Rangers d. Senators in five. [I think the Rangers make it to the finals and lose to the Blues in seven]
Bruins d. Capitals in six.
Panthers d. Devils in seven.
Penguins d. Flyers in seven.

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  1. Predictions for the semis and conference finals that depend upon my predictions for the quarters being perfectly correct. Since they won't be, these predictions don't really matter.

    Western Semi's:
    Canucks d. Blackhawks in 7.
    Blues d. Predators in 6.

    Eastern Semi's:
    Rangers d. Penguins in 7.
    Bruins d. Panthers in 4.

    Western Finals:
    Blues d. Canucks in 6.

    Eastern Semi's:
    Rangers d. Bruins in 7.

    Stanley cup finals:
    Blues d. Rangers in 7.